Monday, October 18, 2010

A quick note about camouflage

I have been looking through my sons 40k stuff and noted how brightly colored these guys are, granted the space marines are genetically altered super humans in armored suits but still you would think they may want to remain unseen at certain times. I may be missing the point but even in the far future camouflage will be even more critical. Not only visual but across the spectrum as I can pretty much guarantee someone will have a weapon that will lock onto some kind of emission. The prevalence of sensors makes it essential for your average trooper to be stealthy, the other side can target you by any emission: heat, radio, sound and movement. The ability to detect movement by recognizing tiny changes in a scene in milliseconds is one thing that will be available to defeat advanced multiple spectrum camouflage, even the most advanced camo system will have to alter itself to match the surrounding terrain as it's wearer moves. In the case where it remains static the changes can also be detected by comparing each frame of a scene with the next to determine unnatural changes. Heaps of processing power but coming to a HUD near you some time tomorrow.


  1. 40K isn't really a sci-fi game. Its more a fantasy game with guns. There is very little in the way of hi-tech in it and it focuses as much on close combat as it does on shooting.

  2. Agreed, and a fine one at that, I guess there is nothing stopping you painting your marines with some camo patterns, I know the imperial army has camouflage outfits