Friday, December 31, 2010

The Kinect Report

I updated the 360 with Kinect before Christmas and Santa must have heard about it because in his sack was a copy of Dance Central. Now anyone who knows me will understand that dancing to Lady Ga Ga is not high on my goals in life but the cunning boffins from Microsoft have invented a gadget that will turn even the most unlikely fellow into a dancing fool.

Having begun the Kinect journey it wasn't lost on me that this technology is remarkably similar to Tom Cruises glove waving stuff in Minority Report only without the glove. One question- why cant we have voice recognition in Australia? Are our accents so different from the US? Microsoft are you listening? A lot of us speak english down here, although we spell stuff differently it pretty much sounds the same when we speak it.

Now all we need is the projector technology and we can all be Tom Cruise

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