Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Weapon Is This?

I know this is an M113 Fire Support Vehicle but whats with the twin weapons in the turret? A 76mm and a .50 cal maybe? Anyone?

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  1. It's a turret from a Scorpion (fv101). The placard in the second photo gives a general description ( you can *almost* read it)

  2. Hi there, I was a gunner in the 80's in the MRV so can give you some info in regards to the old turret. The longer barrel on the right is a 76mm gun the smaller one is a coaxial tube which was shortly removed after the purchase of the turrets from the Brits and converted onto the M113 hulls, and then just had the perforated barrel jacket and flash suppressor showing from the internally mounted 30cal machine gun.