Scale Guide

Scale Scale foot Ratio Comments

2 mm 1:888- Useful for gaming in tight spaces or representing large forces. Popular scale for VSf play.

5.92 mm 1:300-The NATO/EU standard scale for sand-table wargames involving micro armor. Closely related to 1:285 scale and is generalized as "6 mm" figure scale.

6.2 mm 1:285-The USA standard for large-scale historical armor battles involving micro armor. Other genres such as ancients, fantasy, and sci-fi are growing in popularity. Closely related to 1:300 scale and is generalized as "6 mm" figure scale.

10 mm 1.667 mm 1:182.88- Newer scale, very popular for ancients and fantasy. 10 mm sci-fi is an up and coming niche. Scale is roughly equal to N scale railroad trains. Growing in popularity.

12 mm- Newer scale, closely related to 10 mm. Scale is roughly equal to 1:144 scale and N scale (which ranges from 1:148 scale to 1:160 scale) model mini armor. Growing in popularity.

15 mm 2.5 mm 1:121.92- The most popular scale in use by historical wargamers playing in the Modern Period, such as for Flames of War or Axis & Allies Miniatures mini armor and figures. Seldom used for RPGs. Ranges roughly from 1:100 scale to 1:122 scale.

20 mm 3.333 mm 1:91.44- Highly popular for WWII wargaming, as the figures are of the same scale (more or less) of 1:76 or 1:72 models (actually closer to 1:87 or 3.5 mm/ft which is HO model railroad scale). Seldom used for RPGs.

25/28 mm 4.167 mm 1:73.152- Original 25s matched 1:76 (4 mm scale/00 gauge) and 1:72 models, but there is a wide upwards variation in figure height, even when not described as "Heroic 25 mm" or 28 mm. True 28 mm figures are very close to 1:64 (S-scale) in height, but bulky sculpting and thick bases can make some look more in scale with 1/48 or 1/50 scale vehicles. This is the most common size, as 28 mm is the size that Games Workshop uses.

30 mm 5 mm 1:60.96- Common for pre-1970s wargaming figures; modern minis may really be up to 35 mm. (Note: model railroad "S" scale is 1:64 which is close)

32 mm 5.333 mm 1:57.15- Idiosyncratic to Mithril: genuine 32 mm

35 mm 5.833 mm 1:52.251- Genuine 30 mm

54 mm 9 mm 1:33.867- Collectible figures, a good match for 1:35 models, but oversize 54 mm figures would fit better with 1:32 models. Plastic dollar-store Army Men are often sold at this scale.